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With Journal, you don’t have to worry about pulling out your camera to the capture the moment. Journal is a combination of an powerful camera and sophisticated software suit where, the product will be able to identify exciting moments, events to be documented and photograph them. Unlike the traditional solutions the user doesn’t have to sort and compile the memories the product will automate the mundane process. This has multiple uses. Recording, taking pictures and editing picture are our main features. Our objective is to make life easier for those who thrive by capturing moments. With Machine Learning, Journal will get smarter when you use it for a longer period.

Welcome to the Future! Journal is the only companion you will ever need.

Made with passion for Android, iOS and Windows Phone!


Have a glimpse at Journal

Setting Up – Step 1

“Explore Journal”

Activating Journal is step 1.

You need to Login to Journal to activate Journal on your mobile. Journal login is powered by Google Firebase. This will give you an  insight of the Journal companion app.

Your 3 options are,

Login with your Email

Login with Facebook

Login with Twitter

or you can Sign Up for a new account incase you haven’t registered yet.

Setting Up – Step 2

“Pairing Journal”

Once you have activated Journal you need to pair journal. This step will pair the hardware device with the software device. You will have to turn on your WiFi or bluetooth for this step.

Once you pair journal you will be able to monitor your footage from the Journal companion app.



“Catch the summary of your day”

The personalized timeline will give you a glance at your day. It will have a summary of your day with your pictures and videos that you captured for the day. By the time Journal is out in the market, it will also have a autogenerated personalized video with the highlights of the most interesting parts of your day.

You will be able to view a summary of the places you visited for the day in a map which is displayed.
You can choose what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of.

Everything is incredibly easy to use and manage. You can share your timeline with other Journal users or on other social media networks. You can also use the personalized web timeline which can be used as your own private social network.


If you are looking for a Smart and Automated Camera that will make your life much better, then Journal is the way to go.

Ground Breaking Technology

Journal is built with the latest groundbreaking technologies such as Swift, Java, C#, Google Firebase, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Python, NodeJS, and a lot more!

App Compatibility

Made with passion for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

Meet the Team

Behind the marvelous app
Banu Athuraliya
Founder/CEO - Andro Dollar Network
Kavishka Fernando
Senior Software Engineer


Have a look at the Video Demo of Journal

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